75 percent of Shanes work is commission based

Shane McCoubrey Artworks


75 percent of Shanes work is commission based and entails a first visit of the client to my studio in Kent or me to visit the space that is needed to put the artwork in…it usually starts with an idea of colours and whether abstracts or landscapes suit the space.
Since the landscapes are quite contemporary they go well in older houses as well as modern ones and the modern use of free brushwork does not confine it to certain interior designs. Seen even in some French houses that have Neo classic furniture and antiques a modern rectangular non framed painting can add wonders to the character of the house.
The abstract artworks can be made into any shape …often a diptych ( two works together) or a triptych can be extremely effective at making a bold statement in modern interior. Touches of beautiful colour can be added to harmonise with the room and lift accessories already there. This does not compromise my artistic integrity as the aim is to make people at peace in their personal space and that can be done with a beautiful piece of art and a happy client.
Offices and corporate spaces also really need a bit of life added and employees feel that their owners are interested in their well being and a visually splendid workspace conveys that message.

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