Shane McCoubrey

A love of the landscape was always deep in the soul

Shane McCoubrey Art

An Introduction

Shane graduated from England’s finest art schools such as the Royal College of Art (RCA) and went onto create super ¬†luxury items for the worlds premier luxury brands such as Gucci , Ferrari and LVMH Group. After leaving Samsonite Group, ¬†Shane decided to take up painting and mixed media full time, experimenting with new innovative techniques in abstract and landscape as a new way of expressing his love of stones, rocks and ancient worlds of million of years ago. It is a loving view of the earth as unspoilt and still not destroyed by the advancement of humankind.

Having grown up on an isolated farm in Ireland the love of the landscape was always deep in the soul. Near the farm was a quarry that used to have incredible rock formations of the exposed rocks which looked so interesting in the light with the shadows and jagged edges of the uneven surface.

Glacial erosion, upper atmosphere storms, unspoilt landscapes ,NASA satellite views of earth are the main backbone of the inspiration behind Shane ‘s strong vision of art as a medium for complimenting your beautiful home , corporate or private office space.

After his work featured on a well respected Channel 4 property programme he found appreciation in galleries and finally an agent who was so helpful in developing his craft and exposure to the new emerging market of the global super rich. Shane’s work found a market in the luxurious homes and apartments from Mayfair to Moscow to Hong Kong.

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